Eco Friendly Package

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Did you know that two standard coffee machine warming plates being on 40hrs a week for a year uses the same amount of energy as a 12 gal tank of gas?

Our ecofriendly package includes a coffee maker that brews directly into an air pot, eliminating the need for a hot plate and keeping your coffee tasting great for hours. Our single serve coffee makers are also a great option for eliminating hot plates.

Did you know that even paper coffee cups are not recyclable and take a long time to decompose?

The problem with traditional office coffee cups is that they are either Styrofoam or wax lined to handle the heat of a good cup of coffee, making them virtually impossible to recycle. A polystyrene cup takes hundreds of years to breakdown in a landfill, a wax lined cup takes more than 20 years, but our eco-friendly cups with a specialty corn based liner break down in a matter of months while still safely handling a good cup of coffee. In addition, unlike wax lined cups, these cups are petroleum free and use 65 percent less energy in a production process generates 68 percent fewer greenhouse gasses and contains no toxins. (​Read More)

Did you know that bamboo is considered a renewable resource?

While the greenest move is to put your sweetener and cream in the cup first and pour the coffee over it and then to let homeostasis take effect, we understand most coffee lovers still like to give it a stir. Our green package included bamboo stir sticks.

Did you know that Coffee makes a great fertilizer?

Part of what gives coffee its great taste is its acidity. Plants like pines, evergreens, and dogwoods love acidic soil but even the standard vegetable garden can become too basic if the soil is full of clay. Our green package includes the rental and service of what we call a "mocha mulch" storage container that collects your used coffee grounds and, if you would like, a separate container for your stir sticks and biodegradable cups. We collect your mulch and biodegradables during our regular visits and turn it into compost used in local gardens. If you would like to try our mocha mulch in your own garden click on the 'contact us' link and let us know.