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Why we're Different

We asked our clients what makes us different from our competitors. Here's what they had to say:

Delicious coffee and exceptional customer service

Southland was looking for a new coffee vendor and we hit the jackpot when we discovered Positively Java.  Not only do our guests on Sundays get to enjoy great coffee but our staff gets the privilege of working with their amazing team. Seth and Debbie provide exceptional care for all 5 of our campus locations.  They service the brewers, clean the urns, are quick to respond, and are able to handle our large conferences as well as our weekly coffee supply needs! 

Meridith True

Guest Experience Operations Coordinator

Southland Christian Church

“We at Neace Lukens enjoy a positive relationship with Positively Java.  Jim has a heart of gold and has built a brand that emits positivity combined with a world class coffe. 


The world needs more encouragement so we are very pleased to partner with Positively Java to relay uplifting messages to our staff through stories of acts of kindness and recognizing hard working employees. 


Our culture at Neace Lukens aligns with Positively Java’s efforts to give back to the community through donating time and resources.”


Bryan Raisor

Managing Director

Neace Lukens

The reason we decided to support Positively Java was because they were a mission focused organization.  Their desire to support the Foster Care Community speaks volumes about the fact that they see the bigger picture.  Their desire to help children in need really resonated with our leadership and we felt it was a win-win for us.  We get incredible customer service and delicious coffee while providing financial support for children in need.  We are so fortunate to partner with them as they continue to make a difference in this world - one sip, one cup, one life at a time!

Scott Morgan

Crossroads Christian Church

Director of Student Ministry, Andover Campus Operations, Group Life Pastor

Positively Java is different from most other businesses because it was created with the sole purpose of helping children in need.  It is run with a passion that cannot come from any amount of profit and decisions are not derived from a balance sheet.  The passion and drive comes from seeing the difference this company makes on the faces of all of the kids they help!  It is an honor to be a small part of what they do!  And the coffee and service they provide is outstanding too!!

Melissa Steele

Firm Administrator

“Positively Java is hands down the best company I’ve ever worked with! Not only do they provide delicious and affordable coffee, they do it with a smile while also giving back to the community around us. I love the fact that they care about our business, providing a bi-weekly quote of encouragement to lift the spirits of our staff. However, my favorite part about Positively Java is their commitment to children. It is so inspiring that they created this business to help support the programs they believe in.”

Anne Boven

Taper Roller Bearings

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