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Bunn's stainless steel single burner brewer is perfect for an office that brews as little as two pots per day. This pour over unit brews a pot of excellent coffee in less than 4 minutes.

A loaner brewer, coffee pots, maintenance and service are included in the cost of the coffee. Positively Java is a distributer for both Bunn and Newco units, if our clients would rather purchase a unit as well. Below are just a few options available.

The right equipment is paramount to providing the perfect solution to your organization. Quality filters are also important for great coffee and we provide the best. From single brewers that brew the exact cup of deliciousness to the traditional brewers for quality pots of java, Positively Java has the right machine for your needs.


Low profile brewers are popular for an office setting. Three burners are essential if there are various types of coffee needed. This unit comes as a pour over or automatic. 

There are many benefits to this eco- friendly brewer. There is no burner which reduces energy bills and increases taste. If you are tired of smelling and drinking burnt coffee this model is for you. There are two brew settings so a larger pump pot can be used as well. Thermal pots keep the coffee fresh and hot for hours!

The Airpot Brewer is an excellent solution for churches, restaurants and stores. These brewers come as a single or twin units. They will brew directly into airpots ranging from 1.9 liter to 3 gallons.

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